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Welcome to the
North Port Chamber of Commerce
Business Survival Boot Camp
Warm Mineral Springs Resort & Spa
in North Port Florida

Welcome to Warm Mineral Springs in North Port Florida

(OVER?)   I don't think I've ever seen a sign that said  (OVER) 
and I didn't notice it when I took this picture. 
Perhaps I can get The Rest of the Story next time I visit  :)


Once down the hall past the gift shop and therapeutic areas and back outside, I could see the beautiful park like area that surrounds the spring and it was full of colorful booths and displays from many North Port Small Businesses.  I spent the late afternoon visiting the vendors to photograph them and offer them some FREE PR on my new photo web site here at
What I do is photograph many of the local events and tell a photogenic story about what I find.  This not only helps me to introduce myself  but really does help many North Port Small Businesses get noticed here as people from all over the country come to visit my pages and it actually helps many of them to move up in search engine results just because they are noted on this very popular site.   Below are some of the more colorful and  interesting photo's I took in the approximate order that I took them.

 Enjoy :)

The display closest to the entrance was Dunkins Diamonds with a very nice display of diamond rings for every occasion.  Dunkin Diamonds 14800 Tamiami Trail in North Port Florida.  (941) 876-4180

Waving to me from a distance was my friend Larry Coder who works for Omega Garage Doors and advertises on my web site.    Learn more about them at

North Port Organic Community Garden
is actually located at Warm Mineral Springs Resort and Day Spa
  These guys have a huge local garden plot set up where you can go and grow your own vegetables!  Sounds like a good idea !  Check them out on their web site at

Looking for a place that will help you take care of your hair and nails?
Try A Select Salon 1052 Tamiami Trail in Port Charlotte.

Cute :)

Seeport Optometry  -  Complete Vision Health care  -  4381 Aidan Lane in North Port Florida  -

Fine Bait & Tackle - 14503 US 41 North Port Florida 
(941) 240-5981

Gulf Coast Coffee News  -

North Port Taekwondo was offering a fine basket of goodies 
you could win  -

Suncoast Workforce  -  Putting Jobs and Workers together for FREE !  Need to find work or workers?   Visit

Namack Portfolio Investment Professionals, LLC.

Florida Blood Centers  -  Didn't see the Big Red Bus but did find 
Elaine and Blair operating  this important booth.  For more information about how you can help visit 

ZAM UU  -  Internet Travel & Shopping  -

Debbie Bush is Property Manager at Patriot Self Storage 2245 Bobcat Village Center Road in North Port. Need a place to store your stuff?

The gorgeous  BUD Girls for the day were Kaitlyn and Hailey who both work at the Cafe' Evergreen here at Warm Mineral Springs.  They said they were having fun running their own little outdoor tavern  :) 

 Warm Mineral Springs Resort had their own booth of course... 
Brigitte & Ella, exercise instructors at the resort, were handing 
out lots of information about it.  You can also find out 
more about their services on the website at

This " Pretty Bird "  is named Stevie, and he is a Blue Front Amazon.
Stevie belongs to Millie who one of the massage therapists at 
Warm Mineral Springs Resort & Spa

There were still lots more vendors to photograph on the 
other side of the spring, so I headed off in that direction

Along the way I found another table promoting the products
and services at Warm Mineral Springs


Currie Tree & Landscaping does the landscaping at Warm Mineral Springs in North Port.

Kyle Kurtis Salon & Spa  -  3505 Bobcat Village, Center Road, North Port, Florida  34288  (941) 257-2122 Kyle Kurtis Salon & Spa

Gasparilla Marina in Cape Haze Florida  was promoting their marina 
and their new Waterside Grill Restaurant - 

Brad Fuller of

Even Erin Bryce, the Community Outrreach Manager for  the City of North Port had a booth at this expo event.

Peace River Medical Center  -  2500 Harbor Blvd.  Port Charlotte
(941) 766-4361

Flischel Murtha & Associates are CPA's at 900 Pine Street in Englewood Florida and they were giving out these tiny calculators.  Need a CPA?  Call them at (941) 475-7937 

Need some help with your payroll?  Try American Payroll Service in North Port Florida.

Smoothie King  has just about every kind of smoothie you can imagine... and if not they'd probably create one.   14869 Tamiami Trail North in North Port  Florida  - (941) 423-9992   -


Cafe Evergreen was also offering some great grilled 
chicken wings on the far side of the spring, being prepared by Kristen

Annette is the Esthetician and body wrapper 
at the spa.

A couple of different perspectives of the spring. 
Between the grass the that first line of  buoys
it is between 2 and 5 feet deep
In the center of the spring on the other side of those buoys
it is approximately 10 stories deep...  believe it or not.

Mad Dog Hot Dogs  -  Galleria Plaza Center 2059 S.Tamiami Trail 
S. Venice  -  (941) 493-3086  -

It's time to travel  -

Nicola's Italian Kitchen is located at 4343 S. McCall Road 
in Englewood Florida.   Stop by for some great Italian dishes.

Monarch Printing & Design  -

T-shirts and other fun stuff from

I noticed a commotion on the other side of the spring and suddenly realized that it was Ponce de Leon and some of his Conquistadors
that were making everyone so excited.  Ponce De Leon thought he had found the Fountain of Youth when he discovered this spring.


Conquistadors from Punta Gorda Florida

The Conquistadors with some of the dedicated staff at the spring

Everyone seemed to be enjoying another beautiful day at
Warm Mineral Springs in North Port Florida






After photographing this event for about 3 hours I decided I should 
slip into something more comfortable and  go for a dip myself. 

Who knows... maybe this wonderful Fountain of Youth
will even make me look and feel younger :)

 Gene Vaccaro, General manager of Warm Mineral Springs give short talk about the future of Warm Mineral Springs 

The beautiful Jennifer Graham is Director of Spa Operations  Development & Research at Warm Mineral Springs.  Wow.  Impressive 
So impressive I couldn't resist a photo with her in front of this 
beautiful Warm Mineral Spring here in North Port Florida

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Hope you all had a good time :)  I know I did :)

One last interesting note.

As I walked around this business expo, many of the vendors had 
prize give-away's to help them invite possible customers to visit their businesses.  I saw everything from 3 day cruises, to bait buckets being offered as prizes for those that would participate. 

I entered several of them myself... and got a phone call from 
Warm Mineral Springs the next day informing me that my name was drawn on the radio the next morning to win the Complete Spa Package ! 

Massage, Facial, Foot (something or other) lunch and 
a whole day at Warm Mineral Springs for FREE.

(should be interesting... and I may even photograph it and add it here)

So please... participate when you go to these events. 
Not only does it help the community... it could also really help you !

Please shop locally. 

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